Scalable smart contracts interfacing with real world data.

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(en)lightning smart contracts on a global scale

The æternity blockchain is designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global scalability´.

Hello IoT, IoV, FinTech, Video Gaming, The Unbanked, Trustless Exchanges, and instant Micropayments!

We believe in relentless evolution of systems and societies. æternity will push the boundaries of innovation and make blockchain technology ready for mass adoption.

Why is æternity so innovative?

æternity is the answer to current challenges in blockchain technology.

State Channels - Aeternity Blockchain

State Channels

Smart contracts exist only inside off chain state channels. Just in case of disagreement the smart contract code gets enforced by the æternity blockchain.

Why is that a breakthrough?

Decentralized Oracles - Aeternity Blockchain

Decentralized Oracles

An oracle machine connects public real world data with smart contracts. Oracles are categorically more powerful than Turing-complete computational models.

How can an oracle be helpful?

 Consensus - Aeternity Blockchain


Consensus is achieved via a novel hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm.

How does this work?

Unique Governance - Aeternity Blockchain

Unique Governance

æternity implements a form of futarchy, where miners vote and value-holders bet to make decisions together.

How does this work?

Privacy - Aeternity Blockchain


For many business applications it's crucial to have their transactions not recorded in public. Smart contracts touch the blockchain only in case of disagreement, acting like a self-arbitrating crypto court.

Security - Aeternity Blockchain


State-of-the-art cryptographic datastructures and unparalleled decentralization provide efficiency and eliminate every single-point-of-failure.

Low cost - Aeternity Blockchain

Low cost

Via leveraging state channels the default way to run smart contracts, æternity becomes the most efficient Turing-complete blockchain and thus enables new forms of monetization via it's low cost transactions.

Technology we use


Read scientific whitepaper for a deep dive into the technology.

Read scientific whitepaper for a deep dive into the technology.


Follow the development:

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The æternity ecosystem

Bridging the gap between technology and society.

Incubator Foundation
æternity will spin off a foundation to support open-source developers, entrepreneurs and young businesses which build their projects upon æternity.
æternity will deliver essential open-source æpps with the launch of the platform. This brings use to the blockchain from day one. Read the æternity whitepaper to find out more about the applications.
æternity puts an emphasis on web-browser integration and a mobile-first approach to bring blockchain technology to the next level of adoption.
Meetups and Conferences
We will be organizing meetups and conferences for the community in countries around the world. 你好 Hallå Здравствуйте Hola! こんにちは
On the technical side æternity will provide developer workshops and tutorials to make the technology easily accessible. æternity supports interested businesses and individuals to find a fit for their use case.
Research & Academia
æternity is continuously researching the newest technological standards and continuously expanding our cooperations with international research institutions to keep the technology safe and up to date. Official partnerships to be announced soon.
æternity blockchain is bootstraped by aeternity establishment and incorporated in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Ongoing communication with respective regulatory institutions is key to keep blockchain technology and the æternity project in legally safe waters.
æternity is bootstrapping partnerships in different sectors to bring blockchain technology into real world use.


Mainnet Launch Q1 2018 Security Audit Q4 2017 INCOMING ANNOUNCEMENT Backing Campaign Q1-Q2 2017 Testnet LAUNCHED Q1 2017 Development STARTED Q1-Q3 2017

æternity enables numerous use cases

Access æternity blockchain via the AE token.

Information Markets

Latest efforts within the field have seen many developers create decentralized prediction markets which combine the best efforts of what academics call a workable theory, in order to facilitate decision making and pointing outright where the markets heads to.

On the same principle as with micropayments, æternity brings prediction markets to the next level!

The technology allows prediction market smart contracts right out of the box. From simple gambling, up to monetized weather predictions and event contracts.

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Crowdfunding Projects

How about crowdfunding using dominant assurance contracts? These specific smart contracts can be used to raise money for your projects and, at the same time, secure contributors against failure. If a project is unsuccessful, all participants get their contributions back.

Using an oracle, æternity can additionally ensure that the provider of the good or service only gets paid after delivery.

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Instant Video Game Rewards

Gaming is a huge, steadily growing industry especially in the blockchain ecosystem with its obvious advantages; Users are in full control of their in-game transactions, which means fees are kept to a minimum with no intermediaries. A fraud resistant network and irreversible transactions provided by blockchain technology deliver trustless and secure interactions.

From simple games to high-end eSports titles, with æternity, users can rely on secure and instant transactions, sit back, and enjoy their gameplay.

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Information Markets read more 
Crowdfunding Projects read more 
Instant Video Game Rewards read more 
Aeon Token Aeon Token
Decentralized Fintech

Infinite scalability, instant payment functionality and Oracle prediction enables us to automate financial transactions that involve large amounts of parameters with any number of concurrent users.

One of numerous things we can create with this is a new way to fund projects or even governments. A system, in which the funding is only unlocked upon completion of one or more selected events.

Additionally it can be set to only unlock funds, if the outcome that is to be reached with the funding, is predicted favorable by the Oracle.

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Trustless Exchanges

The ability to exchange tokens is an essential part of a thriving ecosystem, providing for efficient cooperation and transfer between different blockchain projects.

aeternity allows for cross-chain, trustless atomic swaps, for example between aeons and Bitcoin as well as many other assets.

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Micro & Nano Payments

The payments market is highly competitive and, at the same time, offers countless innovation opportunities to streamline today’s confusing and ineffective ecosystem.

æternity's unique way of handling transactions brings this to the next level by handling payments off-chain via state channels. This allows them to go through instantly, while retaining your privacy. You heard that right, instantly!

Imagine banking for the unbanked, content monetization, paid API calls, decentralized live video streaming and a lot more.

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Decentralized Fintech read more 
Trustless Exchanges read more 
Micro & Nano Payments read more 

We are humæn

Crypto believers and true experts in each of their fields, who have taken on the challenge to build æternity.

Having exchanged ideas and pursued blockchain endeavors with many of the greatest minds, Yanislav is a true veteran of the blockchain space.

The "Godfather of Ethereum" envisioned in 2013 to have powerful algorithms on blockchains. Now, with æternity, a new version of his vision is becoming reality again.

Yanislav Malahov

Yanislav Malahov


Zack writes blockchains and is a true visionary. His first "basic coin" was the attempt to write the most compact blockchain. Years later, after having worked for Augur and built a few other blockchains from scratch, he is now leading æternity's technical implementation.

Zack Hess

Zack Hess


Being intrigued by the magic of blockchain technology since early 2014, Marion is especially interested in connecting the dots between technology and the growing community. Research on the socioeconomic impact, spreading the word and taking care of handling æternity's operations efficiently is where she performs best. Previously she worked in marketing & business development in Silicon Valley.

Marion Vogel

Marion Vogel


As a multi-national Business Development Executive with experience working in Germany, Eastern Europe, MENA, Asia and Pacific, Nikola is the go-to person for Strategy and Business Development. He has developed and consulted numerous international projects for almost a decade and has recently been introduced to the unlimited possibilities of blockchain technologies.

Nikola Stojanow

Nikola Stojanow


Digital marketing analyst and Bitcoin entrepreneur. Founder of,, and Bitcoin/Blockchain meetup in Sofia, Bulgaria. Co-Founder of the Bulgarian Bitcoin Association and the first website for bitcoin exchange in the country. Fascinated by technology, Bitcoin, blockchains and the future. Member of MENSA.

Vladislav Dramaliev

Vladislav Dramaliev


Lior is a corporate lawyer advising startups and investors in the blockchain space. He is working on decentralized autonomous non profits (Runner-up at Consensus 2016 Hackathon), and is cofounder of the "DAO Tel Aviv" meetup group. Lior holds a Bachelor of Law and a B.A. in Business Administration, from Tel Aviv university.

Lior Zysman

Lior Zysman


Born and raised in Berlin he started working as a Scrum Master in 2011, later becoming a Business Analyst, interfacing splendidly between thankful developers and content clients. Blended with his fast growing knowledge and interest in blockchain technologies and the Fintech industry in general, he supports the project management pillar of team æternity

Dan Verowski

Dan Verowski


Computer science and blockchain enthusiast, looking for ways to combine the two. Advocate of functional programming and expressive type systems. Previously worked for Synereo to develop the language and VM of their blockchain, and spent his master's thesis arguing for the use of dependent types in smart contract development

Jack Pettersson

Jack Pettersson


Louis Chang is Co-founder and Creative Director of Proof of Work, The first creative design and communication agency working specifically with Blockchain companies. Particularly interested in Human computer interaction, design, education and behavioural patterns. Louis has a 12 year creative pedigree working for agencies such as Ogilvy, Saatchi and Saatchi, Blast Radius and JWT

Louis Chang

Louis Chang


"Leonardo da Vinci of Fintech" (CoinTelegraph, 2016), is the Founder and CEO of Humanitarian Blockchain, an e-governance and human rights consultancy. Branded as “World’s #1" in decentralized political technologies, he lectured at United Nations, European Union, Google, and University of Cambridge on 2016. He has globalization and immigration studies from Sciences Po (Paris) and Cambridge and resides in London.

Julio Alexandro

Julio Alexandro


Board Games and Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Complexity, Algorithmic Information Theory, Distributed Computing, Computational biology, and what not. Recently he has been designing a new Proof-of-Work system called "Cuckoo Cycle", which æternity blockchain will be using. John is advising the æternity team on the integration of the "Cuckoo Cycle" mining algorithm.

John Tromp

John Tromp


Founding partner of FinTech Blockchain Group, Vincent is an expert on digital currency trading and an active investor in blockchain industry. As an early adopter of blockchain technology and a KOL in China’s crypto community, Vincent is advising the aeternity team on China strategy.

Vincent Zhou

Vincent Zhou

China Advisor

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